Episode 35 with Neil Maddison: The Gerbil Saviour

June 1, 2017

Have we got a beauty for you here with Neil Maddison. Hear about coming through the ranks with legends, walking out at Wembley, THAT bus crash, saving a furry friend from the clutches of a World Cup hero and his thoughts on the new Boro manager and next season.

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Episode 34: and the new manager is…….

May 16, 2017

Very little to say about the Middlesbrough vs Southampton game but luckily Gibson and Friend's interviews gave us plenty to discuss.  We still don't know who the new manager is but it gives us another chance to assess the options.


Episode 33: I Agnew he’d come good

May 2, 2017

Thank god for that, some positivity to bring to the podcast.  We review Middlesbrough vs Man City, give our Boro youth Dreamteams, discuss if Agnew can stake a claim for the permanent job and much more in this long overdue epsiode of Talking Pollocks.  UTB (and we mean it for the first time in 4 months) 


Episode 32: What’s on Woody’s Clipboard

April 24, 2017

We discuss the Bournemouth debacle, what Woody has on his clipboard, how on earth Downing thinks Agnew is the right man for the job, should Middlesbrough Football Club relocate to London and why this shambles is all down to the cleaning supervisor, Adidas and Gaston's lawyer.


Episode 31: An Invincible Cockroach

April 12, 2017

We review what went wrong in the must wins, is there a formation Agnew hasn't tried yet and if so can it save us, what needs to change next season and much more of whats been on our sad, depressed minds.


Episode 30: A shit pair of Next Y-fronts

April 3, 2017

We discuss why the Swansea game summed up Middlesbrough Football Club's season, who is to blame fro our struggles, why our season can be compared to Christmas and Boxing Day and can we save our season against Hull?


Episode 29: Downing’s got his Woody back

March 31, 2017

Is player power the new king at the club, is the new locals-only management team set up for success and are we going to win the MUST win game this week?


Episode 28: Aggy Aggy Aggy…FiGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

March 20, 2017

It's a bit heated in the pollocks studio this week with a big dust-up, massive bites and a near mutiny... and you thought the Boro game was eventful!


Episode 27: Adios Aitor

March 17, 2017

Aitor has gone! We reflect on if it was the right decision, who will replace him, what will change moving forward and which players will be impacted most from a change in manager.


Epsiode 26: In Aitor we lose

March 5, 2017

Is Aitor's time up? We review the disastrous trip to Stoke and then no prizes for guessing the other main topic of discussion. We try and find a solution as to who will replace Aitor if he is sacked and look ahead to the 1/4 final against Man City. Warning we recorded this a few hours after the game so it was still very raw.

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